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Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start with your worldbuilding?

Discover an organized, proven method for creating immersive and engaging fictional worlds without getting lost in the details.

Frustrated with not knowing where to start building your fictional world and unable to finish your novel?

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Too many ideas for your world? Have you written three hundred years of history but don't have a plot or characters?

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Not sure what to include in the story to keep it moving without the dreaded infodump?

Have you tried one of those thousand-question worldbuilding checklists BUT after weeks or months of answering questions, you’re no closer to having a finished novel?

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Or you’ve watched videos and presentations from big-name authors packed with great information, but you’ve found it difficult to put into practice in your own writing?

Stop spinning your wheels and start gaining confidence in your ability to create an engaging imaginary world.

Take control of your story, and complete the novel you’ve been dreaming of in this lifetime.

As much as I would like to tell you otherwise, there isn’t a magic spell to getting published and selling books. But there are a series of repeatable steps and systems you can put in place to get closer to your writing dreams.

If you want to become a better worldbuilder, let me teach you the method I use to go from story idea to fully fleshed out story and world—without completing endless checklists, getting lost in the weeds, or succumbing to worldbuilder’s disease and inventing a detailed world with no actual story to show for it.

Want to know how to get there?


Imaginary Worldbuilding: Creating Fictional Worlds for Writers

Take a peek inside the course:

Who Am I?

Leslye PenelopeI’m Leslye Penelope, a life-long writer who fell in love with the written word practically in the cradle and always dreamed of seeing a book with my name on it gracing the bookshelf. Growing up, I took countless writing classes, submitted to journals and contests, but never really believed I could finish a novel. I traveled to conferences and workshops, read shelves full of books on writing craft, and joined critique groups, but still struggled for years to complete a single novel.

Today, I’m an award-winning, critically acclaimed fantasy author who’s published both independently and with Big 5 publishers. Over the past ten years, I’ve written six novels, along with a handful of novellas and short stories and received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal.

My debut novel Song of Blood & Stone was chosen as one of the top 10 fantasy novels of 2018 by TIME magazine who called it “a masterclass in fantasy worldbuilding.” That book went on to be selected as one of the best 100 fantasy novels of all time by the same publication.

Leslye has been featured in:

What's Included?

Imaginary Worldbuliding: Creating Fictional Worlds for Writers

Video lessons where I share my step-by-step process

I've taught just one of these modules as a half-day workshop for $300.

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In-depth workbooks delivered as easy to use, fillable PDFs

A $162 value!


A story bible template for Scrivener to organize your world

No need to create your own template from scratch if you use Scrivener writing software.


PDF guides on a variety of worldbuilding topics

Guides for software independent story bible creation, research organization, culture development, invented languages & names.


$87 /month x 3
  • Self-paced course curriculum with lifetime access
  • Access to the course community to connect with other writers


$130 /month x 4
  • Self-paced course curriculum with lifetime access
  • Access to the course community to connect with other writers
  • Access to Office Hours for 1:1 Q&A

All students receive:

Access to the private community of course participants

Lifetime access to all course content, plus all updates and future resources

A 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee!

Mage level students will also get:

Two 30-minute 1:1 Q&A calls with Leslye

Personal feedback on your worldbuilding progress and the course material

Recording of your sessions for future reference

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